15 July 2009

Check this out!

Andy Fould's great websites:

12 July 2009

Design Method 1 - Website Interface Design

Well, from the logo Kosmik Punk, i decided to use a vinyl toy for the branding.
Here is some definition about my product : Designer toys
I combined photo montage and vector style.

So here is my 1st interface design:


Gallery Page

D.I.Y page

Another set using "Cosmic Punk"
The product is telescope, so i use the outer space as the theme to relate with it.
This is the 2nd interface:


Mainpage rollover

Zooming to the product page

Product Page

Facts page

Disclaimer note: All of the interface above are for college assignment purpose.
Not for any commercial work. If you want to ask any question, you can put a comment below or email me at : clairde_klaibournne@yahoo.com / clairde.k@gmail.com

05 July 2009

Typography fundamental : CTT Final

After critique last wednesday, SK chose the poster and website layout she like and told me to finalize it using consistent color and fixing minor alignment, spelling and grammar mistakes. So here is the final typo poster :

Website Interface:



(News Page)

(Photos Page)

02 July 2009

Design Method 1 - Matrix development

Design method 1 project 2 - Matrix development
Logo Design based on my mindmap which was chosen 3 phrases from it:

"Cosmic Punk / Kosmik Punk"
"Cosmic Pillow"
"Fluid Soul"
Basically we need to design the chosen phrase with the relevant mood and meaning that is related to word.

On further development and critiques, the chosen phrases is "Cosmic Punk and Fluid Soul"

So, this is my designs: