31 March 2009

Don't believe to my hp.no if it sent messages!!

Last 26 march, my HP LOST!!! =(
Lost when i arrived at the LCCT airport, my HP was slipped out off my pocket, which i don't realized it after i get out of the taxi.
I was panicked, then i phone using public phone. I phoned my HP, my parent's HP(but it is unreachable), trying to call my brother's hp (But i forgot his no. =.=")
Sadly, as far as i remembered, my phone is in silent. Then i proceed to the ticket check in, and airport stuffs...

After a flight of anxiety, then i told my father to phone the taxi driver. The taxi driver is a good guy, my family always call him when we need to be fetched to airport. The thing is, the taxi driver have a passenger after me. He mentioned that the passenger is from Myanmar. And now it's getting tough, It is hard for a taxi driver to go ask a foreigner in a reason to check for a handphone lost. So, in this case no chance to get back my HP. It is my mistake, as im a bit clumsy at that time.

From now on, (60)17 3450 960 is HISTORY! Don't receive call from him, or take any message from him, coz the Unknown guy is playing and tricking using my HP no.!
in a meantime, if you want to contact my HP no. in Indonesia, u can contact by this number: (+62)818 09 565 666

PS: Be careful of ur belongings for everybody before leaving taxi, bus or any other public transport..

anyway, to relieve my stress about it, i went to this simply-simple-cool-addicting game :
Dust Game

25 March 2009

Half-dreamt Shelter

Perspective Study final project submission.
I know its kinda too late to post, but i posted it coz i dont have anything to do now.. lol

Bored and tired of games... internet line sucks, so well, i upload this.. The deadline is last week, but as i saw many of my classmates uploads their perspective drawings, so it does trigger me to post also :P

Sadly, i rushed this piece and lots of mistakes there, such lightings and shadows. If i can travel back time 3 weeks from now, i will change the lightings to infront of the house. Quite regret to do the bungalow drawing in evening time, as it is too dark...

Too rushed within 2 days, that i lost some of the details.. the trees were not meant to be scribbles like that... no furniture inside the bungalow (still new bungalow XP)
shadow and reflected lights problems..lack of lights in the reflection, and so on... and so on..

16 March 2009

Malacca Trip!!

14th March, 2009
I woke up at 7.00 AM in a hurry, as we should gather at 7.30 in the bus stop across Sunway Pyramid. I was accompanied by slight rain, which chills me that morning. Arrived at the bus stop and waited my friends there. After quite a long wait, we take the bus at 8.30 to Puduraya station. Arrived there, we gathered around, and waited again for the Bus to come. At 9.30 We cao from there. I slept abt 75 min in the bus.

-Guo Dong
-Cheh Yi

After we arrived at Malacca, the scorching sun blanketed us. Such a hot and tiresome day, that we walked from the bus station to the Jonker Street (O_O") apprximately 4-5KM!

Dehydrated and crippled, we decided to find some drinks and rest for a while.

Buying Mata Kuching ^^ for 1RM

Lets go on!

Rest for a while :)

All of us starves for lunch, and we stopped on a small depot. I don't know what is the food we ate last time called, what I know that it is a stew of meat, tofu, intestine, liver, and so on. Do taste a bit like bak kut teh..(=_=")

Waiting for the dish to come

Then, we continue to walk around the jonker street..

Photo infront of a chinese paper cutting craft shop

Photo infront of a craft shop

Then, we continue walked to go near the canal

All of us walked under the dry sun

Inspite of the heat, we still have spirit! :D

Steve with his V-cam

Jena with her new camera ^.^ lol

What happen to duy? lol

We spot a mudskipper, and steve dared to record the mudskippy, one prod he'll ended up in a wet clothes :P

At the .... (dunno the name) ship, hehe, Its windy up here!
We (accidentally illegally) enter to the ship, saves 3 RM for it XP

Finally, we eat at Baba's House.. a Nyonya Cuisine.. (Sry for the shaky pic)
Moderate taste for my taste bud :) We ends our feast at 5.30PM

I dont shoot myself with my cam, didnt feel as narcistic as old days XP

The Bus to go back KL is in 6.00 PM! We were scared that we could be late..
We walk rushed to the bus station. Neither a taxi nor a bus we spot, so we rush to walk back! This means we walk back to the bus station for another 5KM?!
We managed to find 1 taxi, But as the ran near to the taxi, a bus approached, Without any pause, we get inside. Haha! Such a fortune... lol!
At the bus station, we are prepared to go back, so we enter the bus. All of us arrived back at KL at 9PM. I arrived at my house at 10.20PM, and then opened facebook, dArt, and others.. Then at 1AM play dota with Justin! lol..haha..

06 March 2009

Culturati Polity

*click for larger view

Yea, this is my Silkscreen Design for Visual Communication...
West meets east...
Both figure above is Joker Jester and Wayang Kulit (Arjuna)
Arjuna uses Art nouveau pattern, while Jester uses Batik pattern
Both are puppets, used to criticize / talk about politics while they are performed.

Fusion between the composition of the puppets playing the each other culture (Arjuna plays marionette & Jester play wayang kulit)
Fusion between the pattern, Batik & Art Nouveau

I entitled it as Culturati Polity
Culturati : People who loves art & culture
Polity : Politics
So, the concept of my silkscreen is "People merged into others' culture, by art and politics"

I decided it to do in A3 size, although actually wanted it in A2 or A1 (still inexperienced X( ) Going to be printed in a poster format, although i wanted it in puzzle pieces... coz the price of the empty blank puzzle pieces is damn expensive...@_@. 1 color theme, as it will be easier for a poster production (and saves time :>)

SOOO DAMNNN annoyed doing this piece, got a lot of details, which makes hard to be removed after been photo-emulsified. These thin lines kills me.. Redo ing all times T_T. Test prints didn't give any good result, as the screen pores is too big for paper i think? Tried on cloth, but neither gave me a relief... lol

01 March 2009

Inspirative Links

- Unique and crazee news, gadgets and stuffs (Must see!)

- Photoshop manipulation (Must see!)

- Cool designs & Portfolios

- Cool stuffs & gadgets

- Designs archive

- DIY instructions

- Ads,ads,ads

- Urban designs

- Art & Culture designs

Above are links that inspire me a lot, or well, i could say, those webs kill my eyes infront of PC for quite a long time.