06 March 2009

Culturati Polity

*click for larger view

Yea, this is my Silkscreen Design for Visual Communication...
West meets east...
Both figure above is Joker Jester and Wayang Kulit (Arjuna)
Arjuna uses Art nouveau pattern, while Jester uses Batik pattern
Both are puppets, used to criticize / talk about politics while they are performed.

Fusion between the composition of the puppets playing the each other culture (Arjuna plays marionette & Jester play wayang kulit)
Fusion between the pattern, Batik & Art Nouveau

I entitled it as Culturati Polity
Culturati : People who loves art & culture
Polity : Politics
So, the concept of my silkscreen is "People merged into others' culture, by art and politics"

I decided it to do in A3 size, although actually wanted it in A2 or A1 (still inexperienced X( ) Going to be printed in a poster format, although i wanted it in puzzle pieces... coz the price of the empty blank puzzle pieces is damn expensive...@_@. 1 color theme, as it will be easier for a poster production (and saves time :>)

SOOO DAMNNN annoyed doing this piece, got a lot of details, which makes hard to be removed after been photo-emulsified. These thin lines kills me.. Redo ing all times T_T. Test prints didn't give any good result, as the screen pores is too big for paper i think? Tried on cloth, but neither gave me a relief... lol