30 January 2009

GUI Test - Iphone

This is the Graphical User Interface Test of my vector icons with the wallpaper. The wallpaper doesn't look very nice though, coz I-Phone screen size is 480×320 px,while the wallpaper requirement size is 180 xW 180.

What do you think? is it recognizeable?

29 January 2009

Vector Icons - Wayang Kulit (Part 2)

New vector icons, refined and simplified version of the 1st set. Pls comment whether it is better or not?

28 January 2009

Raster Icons - Wayang Kulit

This is my Raster Icons set of Wayang Kulit theme. All of the colors are using web colors.
Tried to use brown as the background color, but the object is not visible. So i use teal color as the background as to make the object and the wayang kulit more stand out.

26 January 2009

Vector Icons - Wayang Kulit (Part 1)

This is my Wayang Kulit - themed Vector Icons, I need some critiques and comments about it, If you have any suggestion, please share your opinion via the questionnaires below. Your participation is appreciated.

The 1st icons set doesn't look very compact for mobile phones, so i decided to reduce the highlights and make the wayang more smaller compared to the represented objects.
Changed the colors to make it more focused. It just change "a bit more visible" when the fit into mobile phone icons

Please comment whether it is better than the previous one or not.

13 January 2009


So here is what my workplace looks like, it is edited though :P
Just bored and decided to play around with my tablet,
done roughly about 1.5 hrs... and it does look rough...
Hope this will make my webpage more "live" :D

07 January 2009

10 Things That Represents About Me

That describe me, You can know more about me from my msn :