29 January 2009

Vector Icons - Wayang Kulit (Part 2)

New vector icons, refined and simplified version of the 1st set. Pls comment whether it is better or not?


  1. hehe, thx, but this one very different from the sketches T_T

  2. actually....my friend say the first one...n this two is nice but this little bit out from the theme....it not look like wayang kulit anymore......the wayang kulit is look like witch n ur themes related to it...

  3. haha, yea i also think of that, if i put more decoration to it, it is harder to recognize the object, but if too simple harder to recognize the theme..
    btw, thx for the opinion :D

  4. themes= witch....but it really nice...i like it ^.^....may be u can put detail on the fifth n fourth design...^.^...to make it look more like wayang kulit...

  5. May i have the vector please ? :)
    I need to make my customer design logo .
    I am junior designer that start my small business with this job ...

  6. Emm... sorry, but this is a college work and not for commercial purposes

  7. Javanese wayang is one of the best object..
    keep up the good work! :)

  8. hi..
    my name is andi..may i have your permission to use your icon set??i was making motorola em30 theme called "wayang"..and i want to use your icon in my theme..the theme above will be published at mmus.us forum and will be downloaded by many of users.

    thank you before..i wait for your replies asap
    you can contact me at cocholipop@yahoo.com



  9. wayang kulit is a typical Indonesian culture, as an Indonesian citizen I am proud of wayang kulit,