15 September 2009

Web Design 1 - Mood Board & Sitemap *updated

So here is my mood board for Web Design 1:

*sorry for the mistypes :S


Fly me to the moon

Change logs:
*Added the clock(the sky will change depends on what is your system time)
*Added music player
*Added changing speed buttons
*Added random stars at background (applies only at night)
*Added outlines for the main objects
*Added mouse bounds
*Added frame
*Added sun in the noon
*Fixed the "sudden spawn" elements
*Limiting the cap speed

Finally it's done!

10 September 2009

Epic Fail

http://www.belladesoto.us/ = Epic Failure Website

This is the stupid+est website i ever seen, worst of all worsts.. i don't know why they waste their money on the domain on such that "design", anyway this is pretty fun... ROFL

here's a link where i get it [link]

09 September 2009

Web Design 1 - Researches & Ideas

How To's Ideas:

How to create your own miniature aquarium:

1.Who am I? - Author
2.What is it? - Small Aquarium
3.What For? - Decorations
4.1st task - Plannings and gathering the materials
5.2nd task - Step by step making ofs
6.3rd task - Snap it and share on the web
7.Outcome - Liven up your room!
8.Share it - Upload your snap and compare with the others
9.Contacts - Information

How to create your own earth savior:

1.Who am I? - Designer
2.What is it? - Vinyl toys with a plant on it
3.What For? - Fight global warming XP
4.1st task - Buy materials & Making ofs
5.2nd task - Seed it
6.3rd task - Share it
7.Outcome - Go green :)
8.Showcase - Gallery / Download Wallpaper
9.Contacts - Information

How to create your playing cards:
1.Who am I? - Designer
2.What is it? - Playing cards
3.What For? - Collections
4.1st task - Sketching
5.2nd task - Designing
6.3rd task - Printing & Packaging
7.Outcome - Play it together with friends
8.Showcase - Gallery of illustrations / W.I.P / Products
9.Contacts - Information

Interesting Websites:








Photoshop tutorials:

Tutorial websites: