15 September 2009

Web Design 1 - Mood Board & Sitemap *updated

So here is my mood board for Web Design 1:

*sorry for the mistypes :S



  1. overall, your mood board is fine. i think you could add on some keywords related to the environment under the 'elements' category since it is part of your topic. as for your flow chart, to make it clear, flowchart that used for website is also known as site map. There is slight difference between site map and ordinary flow chart, that is there is no start and end for site map. therefore, there is no necessary to have a start for your site map. And another thing is that contact could be moved to the last item (About, DIY, Gallery, Contact) as psychologically visitors would view your other pages first then look for the contact info eventually. just some of comments. good job.

  2. oh ok, thanks for the great info
    i'll change the flowchart ASAP!