27 December 2009

DSM2 Prototype

Ugh... it's kinda too late to post this...
I was just too free until don't know what to do on this sem break.. So i upload this..

Takes time to load, large image.

30 November 2009

User Testing - Web Design 1

Splash Page (The initial page before you are going to enter)

Home Page

Contact Page

DIY - Materials Page

DIY - Choosing Steps

DIY - Step 1

Garden (It's where you upload your designs and downloads wallpapers

About page & more page coming soon! :)

31 October 2009

Daniel R Leyva

Check Daniel R Leyva's website, its a great website without using flash, try view in fullscreen.
Takes some time to load though..

will post something soon...

12 October 2009

Web Design 1 - Prototype

Im bored till dead doing this prototype... haha

Splash Page


Steps - Materials

Steps - Choosing steps
(a pop out will appear when you click the image)

Garden - Uploader & Downloads

Cs&Cs PLS! :)

15 September 2009

Web Design 1 - Mood Board & Sitemap *updated

So here is my mood board for Web Design 1:

*sorry for the mistypes :S


Fly me to the moon

Change logs:
*Added the clock(the sky will change depends on what is your system time)
*Added music player
*Added changing speed buttons
*Added random stars at background (applies only at night)
*Added outlines for the main objects
*Added mouse bounds
*Added frame
*Added sun in the noon
*Fixed the "sudden spawn" elements
*Limiting the cap speed

Finally it's done!

10 September 2009

Epic Fail

http://www.belladesoto.us/ = Epic Failure Website

This is the stupid+est website i ever seen, worst of all worsts.. i don't know why they waste their money on the domain on such that "design", anyway this is pretty fun... ROFL

here's a link where i get it [link]

09 September 2009

Web Design 1 - Researches & Ideas

How To's Ideas:

How to create your own miniature aquarium:

1.Who am I? - Author
2.What is it? - Small Aquarium
3.What For? - Decorations
4.1st task - Plannings and gathering the materials
5.2nd task - Step by step making ofs
6.3rd task - Snap it and share on the web
7.Outcome - Liven up your room!
8.Share it - Upload your snap and compare with the others
9.Contacts - Information

How to create your own earth savior:

1.Who am I? - Designer
2.What is it? - Vinyl toys with a plant on it
3.What For? - Fight global warming XP
4.1st task - Buy materials & Making ofs
5.2nd task - Seed it
6.3rd task - Share it
7.Outcome - Go green :)
8.Showcase - Gallery / Download Wallpaper
9.Contacts - Information

How to create your playing cards:
1.Who am I? - Designer
2.What is it? - Playing cards
3.What For? - Collections
4.1st task - Sketching
5.2nd task - Designing
6.3rd task - Printing & Packaging
7.Outcome - Play it together with friends
8.Showcase - Gallery of illustrations / W.I.P / Products
9.Contacts - Information

Interesting Websites:








Photoshop tutorials:

Tutorial websites:

12 August 2009

Semester break!!

Finally, an update after a long assignments routine.

So here are some of the final projects I can show:

Typography Fundamental - Favourite typo poster

I'm regret that i chose Trebuchet as the font i like, prefered Georgia, Museo or Century gothic...
Well, anyway sem's over and who cares? haha

Digital Media - Flash animation & Interfaces

Erm... i won't upload the SWFs files, coz im afraid it will takes time to load.
Approx. file size is 18MB, on another case is, im too lazy to change the URLs and link the interface pages again.. hehe..
Well, i just screenshot all the interface pages into JPEG.
Was kinda regret i chose this concept, it's hard to give any message.
Anyway, i learnt a lot of Action script 3 and it's making me a machine.. lol

CGPP - Boardgame design

*Ugh* im stressed up by this project.
It is printed using offset printer, and cost about RM 90 for the proofs and prints. So the whole class give their files to a middleman who will print this to the supplier. Unfortunately, i got a problem, an utterly stressful problem. It will bored up this post if i tell it the whole story. Fortunately, it was solved *sigh*

Design Method 1 - Project 3 Man and Machine

(takes time to load, size is 3,4 MB. Go take some chips and tea first =D)

Flash interactive design interpreting what is a machine with some metaphors usage.
planned to do more than this, but deadline's bound it.


Most time i spent on the softwares i used this sem:
Adobe Illustrator CS4 = 40% => CGPP owns :S
Adobe Flash CS4 = 30%
Adobe Photoshop CS4 = 15%
Adobe Soundbooth CS4= 7%
Adobe Acrobat = 5%
Microsoft Word = 3%


Currently playing Dragonica to fill up my holiday.
Nice game with adorable style, and neat interface. (definité a dope!)
Kinda doing *research* on the story and elements for future uses ^_^

*im playing at Elga server hehe

And for this holiday, i need to margin up my files and do something else other than slacking infront of my crappy laptop.

15 July 2009

Check this out!

Andy Fould's great websites:

12 July 2009

Design Method 1 - Website Interface Design

Well, from the logo Kosmik Punk, i decided to use a vinyl toy for the branding.
Here is some definition about my product : Designer toys
I combined photo montage and vector style.

So here is my 1st interface design:


Gallery Page

D.I.Y page

Another set using "Cosmic Punk"
The product is telescope, so i use the outer space as the theme to relate with it.
This is the 2nd interface:


Mainpage rollover

Zooming to the product page

Product Page

Facts page

Disclaimer note: All of the interface above are for college assignment purpose.
Not for any commercial work. If you want to ask any question, you can put a comment below or email me at : clairde_klaibournne@yahoo.com / clairde.k@gmail.com

05 July 2009

Typography fundamental : CTT Final

After critique last wednesday, SK chose the poster and website layout she like and told me to finalize it using consistent color and fixing minor alignment, spelling and grammar mistakes. So here is the final typo poster :

Website Interface:



(News Page)

(Photos Page)

02 July 2009

Design Method 1 - Matrix development

Design method 1 project 2 - Matrix development
Logo Design based on my mindmap which was chosen 3 phrases from it:

"Cosmic Punk / Kosmik Punk"
"Cosmic Pillow"
"Fluid Soul"
Basically we need to design the chosen phrase with the relevant mood and meaning that is related to word.

On further development and critiques, the chosen phrases is "Cosmic Punk and Fluid Soul"

So, this is my designs:

28 June 2009

Typography fundamental : CTT (progress)

Typograhy fundamental's lecturer is Siew Khian
She assigned us to make a CTT (Communication Through Type)

Basically CTT is like deriving the mood and meaning of a specific word.
Either to do new music band album or new movie release poster using pure typography
We can choose either to do existing or create new music band/movie as the *client*
and i picked existing music band for it.
Hence i chose Angels and Airwaves (AVA)

The artwork created here is for assignment purpose only, Its FAKE!!!

After few weekly critique and brainstormings, i picked my word for the title for AVA's fake new album which is "Doppelganger"

Doppelganger means a "A ghostly double or counterpart of a living person."

Therefore i applied my typeface design using symetrical arrangement to show the duality of Doppelganger. Plus, with gradient to show a fading characteristic of a ghost.

CTT1 = Title design
CTT2 = Poster design (using CTT1)
CTT3 = Website interface (using CTT1 as well)

Here are my posters (CTT2):
(SK prefer a simple designs and she restricted us to use graphics...
(Must be pure typo)
*And more, she preferred us to use 1 font only...
These restrictions is killing me :S

Typeface design and body text using Adobe Caslon Pro font.

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Poster 3:

Poster 4:

Poster 5:

Poster 6:

Poster 7:

Poster 8:

Poster 9: