28 June 2009

Typography fundamental : CTT (progress)

Typograhy fundamental's lecturer is Siew Khian
She assigned us to make a CTT (Communication Through Type)

Basically CTT is like deriving the mood and meaning of a specific word.
Either to do new music band album or new movie release poster using pure typography
We can choose either to do existing or create new music band/movie as the *client*
and i picked existing music band for it.
Hence i chose Angels and Airwaves (AVA)

The artwork created here is for assignment purpose only, Its FAKE!!!

After few weekly critique and brainstormings, i picked my word for the title for AVA's fake new album which is "Doppelganger"

Doppelganger means a "A ghostly double or counterpart of a living person."

Therefore i applied my typeface design using symetrical arrangement to show the duality of Doppelganger. Plus, with gradient to show a fading characteristic of a ghost.

CTT1 = Title design
CTT2 = Poster design (using CTT1)
CTT3 = Website interface (using CTT1 as well)

Here are my posters (CTT2):
(SK prefer a simple designs and she restricted us to use graphics...
(Must be pure typo)
*And more, she preferred us to use 1 font only...
These restrictions is killing me :S

Typeface design and body text using Adobe Caslon Pro font.

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Poster 3:

Poster 4:

Poster 5:

Poster 6:

Poster 7:

Poster 8:

Poster 9:



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