12 August 2009

Semester break!!

Finally, an update after a long assignments routine.

So here are some of the final projects I can show:

Typography Fundamental - Favourite typo poster

I'm regret that i chose Trebuchet as the font i like, prefered Georgia, Museo or Century gothic...
Well, anyway sem's over and who cares? haha

Digital Media - Flash animation & Interfaces

Erm... i won't upload the SWFs files, coz im afraid it will takes time to load.
Approx. file size is 18MB, on another case is, im too lazy to change the URLs and link the interface pages again.. hehe..
Well, i just screenshot all the interface pages into JPEG.
Was kinda regret i chose this concept, it's hard to give any message.
Anyway, i learnt a lot of Action script 3 and it's making me a machine.. lol

CGPP - Boardgame design

*Ugh* im stressed up by this project.
It is printed using offset printer, and cost about RM 90 for the proofs and prints. So the whole class give their files to a middleman who will print this to the supplier. Unfortunately, i got a problem, an utterly stressful problem. It will bored up this post if i tell it the whole story. Fortunately, it was solved *sigh*

Design Method 1 - Project 3 Man and Machine

(takes time to load, size is 3,4 MB. Go take some chips and tea first =D)

Flash interactive design interpreting what is a machine with some metaphors usage.
planned to do more than this, but deadline's bound it.


Most time i spent on the softwares i used this sem:
Adobe Illustrator CS4 = 40% => CGPP owns :S
Adobe Flash CS4 = 30%
Adobe Photoshop CS4 = 15%
Adobe Soundbooth CS4= 7%
Adobe Acrobat = 5%
Microsoft Word = 3%


Currently playing Dragonica to fill up my holiday.
Nice game with adorable style, and neat interface. (definité a dope!)
Kinda doing *research* on the story and elements for future uses ^_^

*im playing at Elga server hehe

And for this holiday, i need to margin up my files and do something else other than slacking infront of my crappy laptop.

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