31 March 2009

Don't believe to my hp.no if it sent messages!!

Last 26 march, my HP LOST!!! =(
Lost when i arrived at the LCCT airport, my HP was slipped out off my pocket, which i don't realized it after i get out of the taxi.
I was panicked, then i phone using public phone. I phoned my HP, my parent's HP(but it is unreachable), trying to call my brother's hp (But i forgot his no. =.=")
Sadly, as far as i remembered, my phone is in silent. Then i proceed to the ticket check in, and airport stuffs...

After a flight of anxiety, then i told my father to phone the taxi driver. The taxi driver is a good guy, my family always call him when we need to be fetched to airport. The thing is, the taxi driver have a passenger after me. He mentioned that the passenger is from Myanmar. And now it's getting tough, It is hard for a taxi driver to go ask a foreigner in a reason to check for a handphone lost. So, in this case no chance to get back my HP. It is my mistake, as im a bit clumsy at that time.

From now on, (60)17 3450 960 is HISTORY! Don't receive call from him, or take any message from him, coz the Unknown guy is playing and tricking using my HP no.!
in a meantime, if you want to contact my HP no. in Indonesia, u can contact by this number: (+62)818 09 565 666

PS: Be careful of ur belongings for everybody before leaving taxi, bus or any other public transport..

anyway, to relieve my stress about it, i went to this simply-simple-cool-addicting game :
Dust Game


  1. o.O...
    so unlucky...me too when sem 1 sem break

  2. waa.. ya lo, today my bro will block the card.. so the unknown guy cannot sms or call