25 March 2009

Half-dreamt Shelter

Perspective Study final project submission.
I know its kinda too late to post, but i posted it coz i dont have anything to do now.. lol

Bored and tired of games... internet line sucks, so well, i upload this.. The deadline is last week, but as i saw many of my classmates uploads their perspective drawings, so it does trigger me to post also :P

Sadly, i rushed this piece and lots of mistakes there, such lightings and shadows. If i can travel back time 3 weeks from now, i will change the lightings to infront of the house. Quite regret to do the bungalow drawing in evening time, as it is too dark...

Too rushed within 2 days, that i lost some of the details.. the trees were not meant to be scribbles like that... no furniture inside the bungalow (still new bungalow XP)
shadow and reflected lights problems..lack of lights in the reflection, and so on... and so on..

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