19 February 2009

Interactive Interface Design - The Flying Dutchman

This is my interactive interface design project from a legend called "The Flying Dutchman".

Loading page - 20 %

Loading page - 60 %

Loading page - 95 %

Main page, appear a guide to help you navigate (The Captain)

Sidescrolled-image (if you drag the navigation wheel, the background will be side scrolled.

If you roll over to the menu, the image will directly go to the object that you point.

" The Bargin Barge "
Is the name for the game in my Interface Design, This part is after the game finished, An option to choose to replay or continue. The movement of the game is controlled by dragging the steer only.
So, the breadcrumbs are located at the right side, so that user can go back directly to previous stories. Sadly i can't put it on the right side or top side... as it don't have enough space to put.

" The Awakening of The Cursed "
This part is where the Captain met the ghost, after he swore to the storm.
User are opt to chose the story line, to fire the ghost or beg for mercy.

" Aftermath "
Ending part, at the end, you are noted a moral lesson from the story. There is also a link below the story, so that you can go back directly to the main page, it is more "friendly" rather than to go to the menu bar at the left side.


  1. nice!!!
    But it take time to find out the change...

  2. thx, haha, yea, the navigation wheel is rotating bit by bit as the page loading

  3. mmm... yea.. i agree wit dragontail, kinda small...

  4. may be you can increase the size abit? :3

  5. last time (before refinement) is bigger, anyway, i imagined that the animation is slowly transformed(to save the loading screen size) haha, next time i show the previous one.

  6. wow....nice.....yup...it take time to find out the change

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  8. yaya
    if din mention the wheel is rotating
    it's quite hard to find the change
    anyway,ur design is superb!

    *got perspective le!haha*