24 May 2009

Are you witty?

Solve this case :

One day, The King of Egypt wanted to celebrate his birthday.
He invited a famous wandering bard to entertain him, named Farvian.
Bards are known for their skills on understanding words and produce beautiful poems while playing music.

So, the King challenge him to enter a chamber, which has a secret on it.
He will prize Farvian for a wife and treasures.
Farvian dared himself and accept King's challange.
So he went to the chamber, and walk upon the mazes.
At the end of the labyrinth, he found a golden door, and a sign attached 1 meter away from the door.

The sign looks like this:

He dont understand about this sign so he ignored it, and walk forward to the door. When he opened the door, there is a room full of golden treasure and pleasure, but he was fainted, hard to breath, and died.

The King was upset, and he is searching for a witful person...
Why he was dead?

HINTS: Observe the texts on the sign. Adobe Photoshop will help :P

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