20 June 2010

Hey Designers! Check this out!

Looking for some thoughts and inspiration around? Maybe us as designers, looking for inspirations or ideas are for college or clients project. But living as a junior designer, sometimes we forget about ourselves, and most likely are become a machine, bounded in your own box. I've experienced this before, and i repeated it occasionally.

You'll feel uncomfortable and unhealthy. You wasted time and money on your so-so daily - monotonic life. Why don't we reflect ourselves and ask "Why did I become a designer?, will it be worth? to earn money as well as enjoy life?" One thing that i just realize is that we also need to understand ourselves for why the hell we are in this industry. I had bookmarked Drawar.com , it has a lot of great articles about designers, and its useful to take your time to visit their website, read the articles, critiques, and question sections.

Mostly are about web design. They linked a lot of great sites, presented from designer POV. After you spend some time reading their articles, you will think how important is web design in present and future. It's worth to spend sometime to read some text-only articles for 10-20 minutes rather than procrastinating on Facebook or babbling non-sense on Twitter. Right?